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Firstly, I would like to thank you for taking the time to watch the videos I have been sharing with you this week, and for all the amazing feedback! (just in case you have missed any, you can still click the links below to watch them now)

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In this final video of the series Paul shares an inspiring message that truly warms my heart. I think it really shows you how important all connections are, and helps us imagine a world where we are all connected.

Being one that strives for constant improvement, I wanted to really push the boat out this year and make the 2014 conference even bigger and better than last year. So this years Global Trust Conference has been designed specifically to enhance all the aspects that really rocked, whilst making improvements to the things that may not have been as good as they possibly could be, you know, the small things.

Here are some important changes we’ve made:

Return of Popular Speakers

Of course, all of last years speakers rocked, but there were certainly some crowd favourites and many people got in touch and said they wanted to see Steven MR Covey and Roger Hamilton again.

So I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve secured the signature of Roger Hamilton who will be speaking live on stage at this years event.

With Steven MR Covey being such a huge hit last year, we didn’t want something as small as the Pacific Ocean stopping him from delivering more great content at this years conference!

Therefore Steven will be joining us live via the use of modern technology from the other side of the pond. I sure none of Steven’s greatness will be diluted by him not being in the actual room, so we’re really looking forward to him speaking again!

Increased Speaker Time and Content

We felt that there were possibly too many speakers at last years event, and therefore less time spent with each individual on stage. This realisation has now been addressed, so this year we have significantly reduced the number of speakers appearing, so you can look forward to more content and more time with each of our esteemed speakers.

More Networking Opportunities

We’re acutely aware of the importance and value of networking, and this is definitely somewhere we have room for improvement on last year’s conference.

With hundreds of potential business connections to be made at the event, we thought it would be hugely valuable to amplify our efforts on the networking side of things in order for you to profit from being in the same space as like minded individuals and business people.

Accordingly we have decided to introduce extended breaks and multiple breakout rooms as this years event. We believe this will significantly increase your ability to use the time spent at the conference, not only taking in what our speakers have to offer, but also mix with like minded people and make some important business connections.

Smoother Registration

It’s the small things right? 🙂

Yes, this is just the registration process, which in the grand scheme of things is just a small detail, but we know it’s an area where we can definitely improve and make that initial connection and experience with you so much better. Therefore we have taken the necessary steps to ensure a nice smooth, easy and pleasant registration process for all.

With our learnings from last years awesome event and the steps we have put in place to make the 2014 Global Trust Conference even better, I believe this is the business event of 2014 and really can’t wait to see you there!

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Again, thank you for taking the time to watch the videos I’ve shared with you this week. I hope they inspire you to look at the small things in your business to help build trust, and also inspire you to come and join us this year at the Global Trust Conference!

Warmest regards,