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Inspire> Aspire 2014 Global Trust Conference

This post originally appeared on Inspire > Aspire by Julie Thompson

Inspire>Aspire Programme Manager Julie Thompson recently attended Talent Dynamics ‘The Trust Conference’. Here are her reflections.

Values are central to our mission and we were delighted to both sponsor and attend ‘The Trust Conference’ on 11th September hosted by Talent Dynamics.

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It was really interesting to hear people talk about business in the context of ‘Trust’ and I was absolutely blown away by Hollie Delaney from Zappos; Hollie explained to delegates how Zappos have changed their company structure to one based on trust and distributed authority. This was enlightening; I immediately wanted to work at Zappos! Here are some key things that I would like to share:

• They empower employees to make the right decisions and therefore do not have ‘Policies’ that staff must adhere to, they trust that people will do the right thing and deal with ‘incidents’ as one offs

• They promote ‘Holocracy’, to break down bureaucracy and for an organic approach that is focused around the work rather than the people. This helps to avoid the opportunity for a ‘Heroic Leader’ and creates an environment where individuals can find their talents

• They believe that if something feels like hard work you are doing the wrong things, they do not judge people on what they are not good at rather support them and focus on strengths, not weakness

Zappos has flourished during this approach; their people have found their talents and because they make their employees wellbeing a major priority they retain a happy and dedicated workforce. Hollie shared her incredible weight loss story that she achieved with the support of her colleagues – proving that their approach really works!

Penny Powers OBE

Penny Powers OBE made a great point about building trust in on-line relationships. She compared an organisation’s social networks to friendship; your friends expect you to be open and for you to help them and we are part of a social network so that we can help and support one another. Penny advised organisations to approach their on-line presence like being in a pub – NOT door to door selling – and to consider passions and what you can do for others to avoid on-line identity being what you sell.

Stephen MR Covey

Stephen MR Covey, author of the New York Times #1 best seller ‘The Speed of Trust’ spoke to us via live link from the USA and said that trust is an economic driver not merely a social virtue and that nothing engages people like being trusted but nothing disengages like not being trusted. FACT: A 10% increase in trust has the same effect as a 36% increase in pay.

He said that trust is a learnable competency and described building trust to a tree:

1. Roots = Integrity and authenticity
2. Trunk = Intent, do you care? Declare your intent – what are you doing and why.
3. Branches = Capability, are you relevant?
4. The fruits of the tree = Results / performance and past performance

He talked about ’13 Behaviours of High Trust Leaders’

And told us that “You can’t talk yourself out of a problem that you behaved yourself into.”

The closing Key Note was Sir Bob Geldof, he talked about authenticity, “don’t be ironic, be genuine, be real”.

It was a great day!