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Roger James Hamilton and 5 Levels of Trust

Here is Roger’s fascinating insight into the 5 Levels of Trust from last year’s conference.

Roger tells a personal story to show what effects Trust can have on a team and how even the best plan can be derailed if Trust is lacking.

But he doesn’t stop there!

He moves on looking for a solution to issues of Trust and looks to Nature for the answers and asks: “What is your Primary Purpose?”

Roger ties Primary Purpose to a person and a team’s innate talents. Rather than be intangible, talents can be measured and focused upon to deliver value which can then be leveraged for maximum effect.

The effects on Trust are immense!

Join us on an internet interview with Roger on 16th July at 5.30pm BST where Roger is going to show you exactly how trust and engagement can produce very tangible results for your business


You can register for the web interview here