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TRUST – A Small Word That Packs a Punch

This post originally appeared on Realising Every Dream by Beccy Freebody

Trust is a word that I had failed to fully appreciate until last week when I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Global Trust Conference in London. Well I say lucky but it wasn’t lucky at all, even the story behind that involves trust.

A few weeks ago I got a call from the lovely Jill Poet of ORB (Organisation for Responsible Business) who I have only know a few short months but we have a good connection. So much so that she called me and asked me if I would like to attend on her behalf, of course I said yes, not least when I saw that the speakers included Sir Bob Geldof – I mean hello who wouldn’t jump at the chance to see such an icon and personal hero! Anyhow back to the invitation, I will be training as one of the new auditors for ORB but as yet I have not personally done any work with or for Jill. Yet she trusted me to go and represent her business, one that she not only works hard for but also has a true passion for. That is not luck that is a clear sign of trust. One of the speakers explained trust in this sense very well, Steven M R Covey.

He explained that people trust on a basis of Character and Competence, then broken down into integrity (who you are), intent (why you do what you do), capabilities (are they relevant) and results (your current performance). He also went on to say that to inspire trust you must extend trust.


Now being totally honest as I always try to be, I am super impressed with this speaker because he was on just after lunch, when I am generally falling asleep and he was speaking via internet connection so not even in the room – yet I still understood what he was saying?!? Take it from me as a fellow public speaker and post lunch slumper- that is impressive!

So looking at it from this perspective, I feel very honoured that I was trusted in this way to go to such a brilliant conference. What made this conference brilliant? It’s wasn’t the goodie bags if that is what you are wondering. It was the topic and variety of perspectives they gave on it.

Trust is at the centre of every relationship be it parent and child, friendship, business or love. Without it there is nothing, however with it even the youngest of relationships can blossom. We heard from Hollie Delaney about how at Zappos they trust their staff completely and how this has made their company blossom, the theories on how to engage staff are incredible and ones that I will be sure to use when my business expands further. This was real hands on information for the business owners who filled the room and practical learning we can all use. However the person from the morning who got my brain to light up was Dario Nardi, the neuro scientist. He spoke about how the brain works and tests that he does to see this live in action. Well not only was he a good speaker as he manages to make this topic funny he got my brain to start working. I am loving the idea that you can use computers and caps to monitor brain waves and prove how the brain works – who knew I was such a geek!! I came home with books, brain maps, tests and quite possibly a topic for my PHD that I am determined to start next year.

Now that leads me to another section from Mr Covey that I found very insightful, it came up in the questions and answers section.

Q – Where does trust begin?

A -With trusting yourself!

If you do not trust yourself to fulfil your goals, make the right choices and be truly YOU. Then how can you ever trust anyone else? Once you trust yourself, fully to make the best decision at any time then you become able to also trust other people. You trust that they will have good intentions, work hard and do their best the same way you do. If however you are still in any doubt in yourself, trusting others becomes a minefield. I would love to be able to give you some deep factual information to back this all up but until I get my hands on one of those fabulous brain wave machines, so until then the only knowledge I have to give to you is personal.


I saw how true this point of trust starting with you was during this conference. I had a gift for some of the speakers including the lovely Penny Power I had met when she came to Southend to the Wanna Be an Entrepreneur event in April. There I was walking around the conference, with this gift in my hand and almost bumped straight into Penny. As I got to her so did a gentleman who was clearly very nervous as he spoke to her, much as I have been in every major conversation of my life until this point. As a people watcher I really felt for him but just stood politely back and waited. Just 6 short months ago I would have been panicking about what to say, what she would think of me and well just having no trust for myself what so ever. This time that wasn’t the case. I was able to stand their calmly, with a quiet mind and just take in the situation. I trusted myself to say the right thing, at the right time.

As it turns out, Penny remembered me from April and we had a brief but lovely chat and I am even more impressed with the open, honest and trusting way this lady genuinely connects with people, she practices what she talks about – therefore I trust her. However that wasn’t the point, the point was that I had trusted myself and because of that the conversations was able to flow, naturally and have a greater impact. There was no way I could have guessed how that conversation was going to go, I sure as heck did not imagine that Penny Power OBE would have remembered me. The best part was that for possibly the first time in my life I felt truly confident, confident enough in my integrity, intent, capabilities and results to trust myself to just be uniquely me and that is enough.

I was then due to leave to get home in time to have my poorly foot looked at before the run that I just did yesterday but as Sir Bob was next to speak, I was going nowhere! So I now have an injured ankle but you know what even now it was so worth it.

This man is incredible, truly incredible. He came on stage with his trademark hair all over the place, navy trousers, black jacket and did not stick to a word of his speech. He spoke truly and openly from the heart. He spoke about Live Aid, about Gleneagles and about how back in the 80’s there was so much trust for him people would walk up to him and hand him money, knowing it would go out to Africa and change lives. Brilliant, insightful and so honest it was hilarious. Then he got on to politics, another one of my hidden passions. Well politics in the way Sir Bob does politics, not the general parties with their inability to be a human with an individual view. A real honest person standing up and doing what is right, because it is right. Not because of votes, or opinions of the papers or any of those other pointless reasons.

I took a few quotes that might convey how on the point Sir Bob really is “When technology met money, and human greed, we collapsed” speaking about the terrible state our financial system is in. How on point is that? Most concise and accurate description of our current world I have heard. He is the first person I have heard to come out and say what anyone with half a brain must be thinking – this system is still broken and the a**eholes that ruined it are the ones being asked to fix it. So it will break again. We need to find a better way, we can’t keep growing – maybe we need to start sharing, sewing seeds for the future not just thinking about now. This section went on for a while and had me wishing I had the answer; sadly I am not quite that awesome just yet. But I do sincerely hope that someone in that room full of business people and leaders there was someone else listening who does – for all our children’s sakes.

It is safe to say that I am in total awe of Sir Bob, in fact I’d have to go as far as saying I think I have a slight crush……. Oh come on ladies, you all know what I mean!! Guys – it’s the not giving as sh*t what anyone thinks, while being totally open and honest thing, some of you could benefit from giving it a shot! Anyhow back to the business side of things.

The final quote I wrote down was from the question and answer section and it was advice from small businesses and how to gain trust

“Don’t be ironic, be real. Treat your customers like your life depends on it – because it does”

Again right on the money.

Absolutely brilliant day that I am eternally grateful for being trusted enough to go along to. Trust begins with YOU and goes outwards into everything else you do. Never underestimate the value and importance of trust. Trust is the movement that could change this world – who are you going to trust today?