Wednesday 16th July – Interview with Roger James Hamilton
Roger James Hamilton

What's Trust going to do for
you and your email
click-through rate?

Michelle Clarke

I’m going to show you exactly how trust and engagement can produce very tangible results for your business in an exclusive one hour interview with world renowned futurist, social entrepreneur and off the scale "creator" profile, Roger James Hamilton.

It’s trust that enabled Roger James Hamilton to produce the following very tangible results:

  • The trust he has with his database in the quality of his work meant he had advance sales of over 5000 copies before his book was even launched!
  • The trust he has with his team means they often work virtually, all sharing the same visions and goals and all consistently exceeding their targets
  • The trust his clients have in him to deliver consistently high value material means his email open and click-through rates are 50% and above - way way higher than the industry average...

Join me on Wednesday 16th July at 17:30 BST for an exclusive interview.

On the call, I’m going to be sharing a really extra special opportunity which includes a whole stack of goodies that Roger has promised me I can share with you, so when you register, please put the date and time straight in your diary!

Michelle Clarke

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Wed, July 16, 2014
5:30PM - 6:30PM BST